Schneider 400W / 12V Wind Turbine

  • Schneider 400W / 12V Wind Turbine
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Wind turbines convert kinetic energy in air currents into mechanical energy. Household wind turbines used in settlements far from the grid are used as hybrids with solar energy systems. In this way, even in the absence of the sun, energy production continues and the batteries are not discharged. Thanks to the charge controller used with the wind turbines, the charge is cut off when the maximum battery charge is reached, and braking is done at the same time in order not to damage the blades in stormy weather.

Schneider Solar System 400W / 12V Wind Turbine Features;

Production at 3 m/s, full efficiency at 12 m/s

automatic braking system

Charge control unit included

Except for mounting pole

Easy and practical installation

Higher efficiency in strait winds

500 Watt electricity generation capacity per hour net with losses

Technical specifications:

Maximum Power: 500 Watts

Average Power: 400 Watts

Voltage : 12 Volt

Rotor Diameter : 1.2 meters

Starting Wind Speed: 2 m/s

Optimum Wind Speed: 12 m/s

Number of Wings: 3 pieces

Body Material: Aluminum

Charge Controller: Included


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