Schneider 100Ah Gel Battery

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Schneider Smart Solar 100 Ah Gel Battery

As Schneider Smart Solar System, there is a 6-year company warranty.

It is produced to store the energy produced by solar energy systems and to use it when needed.

Thanks to its special alloy, its service life is approximately 1.5 times longer than other batteries.

Specially manufactured with a life expectancy of 10+ years.

It is the product where you can get the best performance with 1200 Cycle (with loop) at 50% usage.

It is above standard batteries with its easy charging and high energy efficiency when requested.

Schneider Smart Solar System provides service in most of Turkey.

Thanks to the box cover system, controlled gas output is realized and it does not smell, it can be used safely in closed areas.

You can use it safely in your homes, indoor environments, mobile vehicles, caravans and boats.

Suitable for use in electric vehicles, Golf car, Cleaning machine..etc

It is clean and environmentally friendly, does not harm the environment in any way as it is produced from 99% recyclable materials, and provides a return of 15-20% at the end of its life thanks to waste recycling.


Product Name : Schneider 100 Ah Gel Battery

Voltage / C20 Capacity: 12V 100Ah

Product dimensions (Length-Width-Height (mm)) : 330*173*218

Production Technology: Gel

Weight : 32 Kg

Lifespan: 10(+) Years

DOD : 80% usage 600cycle -50% 1200cycle

Usage Area: It is used to meet the needs of solar storage, Marine and Caravan Service.

Origin : Germany

Warranty Period: 6 Years


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