Schneider 330 W Daylight PANEL

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Schneider 330 Watt Gün Işığı Paneli
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Schneider 330 W Daylight PANEL

Schneider Smart Solar 330 Watt Daylight Panel provides you with the maximum energy in its class.

Schneider Smart Solar Daylight panel works efficiently even in cloudy weather and charges your battery quickly with a high current difference.

The product is sent to you as tested by our factory and technical team.

It is designed to be maintenance-free and to operate with high efficiency from direct sunlight.

It is in company guarantee and guarantee for 25 years.



Output Power(W): 325W

  Vmp(V): 31.1

  Imp(A): 9.97

  Voc(V): 37.6

  Isc(A) :10.20

  Dimension(mm) 1640x992x35

  Weight(kg) 19.0


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